In the passed few years hockey has grown so much that girls blitzes have gone from having all clubs under 12 and under 10 girls at one venue, to recently just under 10 and a venue and the under 12s at another venue.  This year has been the lst year that even the age groups themselves have had to split up.  So on February 20th Bandon and Belvedere both hosted girls under-12 blitzes.  We hosted Ashton – 9 teams and Church of Ireland – 4 teams.  We in Bandon fielded 6 teams.

We hosted this blitz in a blaze of sunshine and frost.  With the help of our young club members, some great parents and a dash of salt this was once again a huge success.   Clodagh Nicholson has taken on the task of running the girls under-12s for the passed few years and has proved to everyone how easy to run, and how much fun, these tournaments can be.  The girls themselves had many successes on the pitch with one or two matches not going quite our way.

A special mention go to Padraig Hallahan, our time keeper for many many years.  This is his last year with the under-12 section as his daughter moves up the ranks.  Also thanks to Jane Fleming, our medic, who has always been a willing participant.  To Ann and Ann, who are our in-house tea ladies, who with their entourage of assistants make Clodagh’s and Yvonne’s job a little easier.  Huge thanks also the umpires, who were brilliant; Laura, Cathal, Conor, Emma, Trevor and Philip and of course their co-ordinator Stephanie.  Lastly to Nicole and Elaine who were making sure that teams got to their pitches in colours that were not the same!

Click here to view the photos taken on the day.